Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Pretty Special Weekend- October 15, 2014

On Saturday we had a pretty awesome day, we had 6 baptisms. The other Elders in Bella Vista had 1 (one of them fell, the girl went out of town but we will see when it gets done). So, it was a pretty special weekend for Bella Vista and the ward. Tania, Wandy, Yalinet, Yuderlis, Vives and Mercedita were in all white on Saturday, along with Rosa (the other Elders' baptism) and also Elder Alvarado (the missionary I replaced), Elder Herrera, Elder Torres, Bishop Disla, Hermano Alberto Lugo, and me. We sang a special musical number (Abide with me tis even tide) with the sister missionaries from the ward right next to ours, Sister Douglas came with her violin to do the prelude and the postlude (is that what its called? HAHA), and it was just a really special time. So many people came that we had to do it in the sacrament meeting room, then go over to the baptismal font to baptize them. 

The next day we had the primary program, and we had 4 investigators come. Jose Guzman, one of the guys we have been teaching for a long time came for the 2nd week in a row and he was really excited. Also, a boy named Emmanuel came. He is 17 years old and one day, I KNOW IT, will go on a mission. He is really excited about everything and we gave him a baptismal date for the 22nd of November. Also, Nelly came, without Peralta because he had to work, but she also did well. WHAT A WEEK! We were pretty content. 

Also, on Sunday afternoon we went and visited Elvis and Luz. They have been pretty lame for a while because they always say that they are excited to go to church and NEVER GO!! Well, they arent lame, but they are just a little unmotivated. So we went and decided to share a little message with them. I opened up my bible and turned to Matthew 11:28 to 30. Wow, just talking about it made me realize so much more about the importance of it. What he is inviting us to do isnt to let him help us... because really he doesnt say "Give me your yolk and ill help you with that" but he says "Take MY yolk upon you"! He is inviting us to basically leave our way of doing things because we are trying to go alone and do the stuff by ourselves. Going with him means 2 things: He will be right there to help us AND HIS BURDEN IS LIGHT AND HIS BURDEN IS EASY!!! It will be way better. We just have to do it his way, not our way. I love that scripture. So, I made them a contract  and asked them what they wanted to do in order to take HIS yolk upon him. They told us a few things (read, pray, GET MARRIED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (elvis is a member but luz isnt, hes legally married with someone else) and go to church), and it was a way that we were able to hopefully help them. 

Everything is going well, and I am happy here. Next week is transfers, we will see what happens!!

Elder Dallin Murphy

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