Friday, October 24, 2014

Transfers... October 22, 2014

So today was transfers... and I am staying here in Bella Vista!! And so is my companion Elder Herrera!! So we have got 6 more weeks together to do a lot of work here in Bella Vista. Elder Torres and Elder Dickson (the other missionaries in the ward) have been taken out of here (Elder Torres to his house in Mexico and Elder Dickson to another area right here in Santiago) and they put sisters here in Bella Vista! Hermana Enriquez and Hermana Malabi are going to be working hard with us. It will be a real blast!!

So we had stake conference this weekend, which was good. While we had no investigators, we had the great chance of seeing Vives, the 106 year old convert, get called by the stake president to share a testimony in front of the whole stake! He is so great, even though he cant see. He got up there really slow, but he speaks really strong and has a great testimony. 

After stake conference, President Douglas went over to my good friend Elder Stegelmeier and asked him how he was doing, then told him he had a special job for him. He paused, then said "I want you to be one of my assistants" and Elder Stegelmeier just was stunned! But when somebody here thinks about it, they know he is the right choice. I have been on a few exchanges with him and he is just a super positive, happy, humble person. 

We have a few families that are starting to progress pretty well. We have been utilizing pretty well the employment center with people and some of them are actually seeing how helpful that is and when they see that, they realize how organized everything is in the church. One is Denny, who we are sharing with with his family, and he has gone a few times in order to get his name out there because he wants to change his job. They are progressing pretty well!! We just want them to start to go to church and theyll be good. 

But yeah this has been a pretty good week. I am thankful  for everything that the Lord gives me, all the blessings and all the trials. It is SO FUN TO BE A MISSIONARY!! There is nothing better than this. 

Love you all!! Keep working hard, reading your scriptures and doing your family home evening. Bethany, i hope youre getting ready to go on a mission in 2.5 years!! WOOOOO!!! and Cole you too!!

CAMILLE AND ALYSE ARE PREGNANT WOOOOAHHHHHHH NO WAYYY!!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! I was totally hoping to have 2 more nieces or nephews before I got home and its true!! DREAMS DO COME TRUEEEE!!!!

Elder Murphy

1. With my good friend Elder Torres. He went out with me the first day of the mission with his companion and another missionary in my group to go give out "Book of Mormon"s!!!
2. My man Elder Stegelmeier

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