Saturday, October 4, 2014

La Buena Vista- October 1, 2014

So yes, this has been a really good week. We were able to work more with the members and invite them to go out with us to a couple lessons, which was a good way of helping the investigators out. Also, we did 2 intercambios with the district leaders in the zone, which was a really cool experience too. I went out with Elder Stegelmeier from my group and with Elder Orrellana. Elder Stegelmeier has a nickname by basically the whole mission, or not a nick name but he is just a "maquina" or machine. We went out and taught a bunch of super awesome lessons here in Bella Vista. With Elder Orrellana I went to his area while his companion came to Bella Vista and we enjoyed La Yaguita del Pastor. 

We had Tania and Wandy get married yesterday!!! I would like to send pictures but I forgot my chord in the house so it is kind of impossible right now. But it was a super cool experience to see, I loved seeing people take these steps to keeping the commandments and showing more and more love to the Lord. They are going to get married, with 2 of Tanias daughters on the 11th. Also, 2 of our awesome investigators (Vives and Mercedita) are with the date for the 11th as well. How fun is that!! I feel like I didnt do much to help, since they were pretty ready when I got there. But they are really excited and I cannot complain. Sometimes it is just a real pleasure to be able to participate in these kind of things. I am so lucky!! As a missionary, youre just a little instrument in the Lord's hands. He does the work, he just tells you what to do. And if we do it, the work will get done AS HE WANTS IT TO GET DONE not the way that we want it to get done. 

In church, Roberto got up and shared his testimony. It was a really great experience. He just said that he is so happy to be taking seriously the things of the Lord now, because the Lord had given him chances before and now he is taking advantage. He said "Then Elder Herrera and........ I call him California but his name is... Murphy came and helped me out to keep things going!" HAHA but it was good. Also Vives (he is 106 years old) got up to share his testimony and just testified that this is where he needs to be. How great is that!!

Oh yeah, turns out that Eddy is a less active member. I knew that it was too good to be true, as an investigator. But we will help him out! He had an accident and said that he doesn't remember a lot of things before that accident, but now he is getting back to the fold. That is why we are here. We aren't here to give something new to these people, this is the Oldest truth that has existed... We are just here to remind people of what they already know, as we know from the Plan of Salvation. 

Well, I am so glad for all that you do and thanks for all your prayers!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

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