Saturday, November 15, 2014

Vista tan Bellísima- November 12, 2014

Some ask me why it is called "Bella Vista", or beautiful view here in Bella Vista, but maybe its because you can see all of Santiago!! In all of my areas you can see the monumento (the building with the steeple thing on it), and every time I get transfered I get closer and closer. It is pretty fun! You look at it and it is super cool, I love this city. It is pretty crazy to think that I have been in this city and only this city for almost a year and three months, but hey, I love it. There is so much work to do here, but I love this city. They call it "La Ciudad de Corazón", or City of Heart or something I am not sure how it translates into english HAHA I dont know if you can see how bad my english has become, but its not too good. When I get together with english speaking missionaries, its so tough to speak correctly.

This week went okay, we were hoping to have more people in church, but little by little we are on our way. We had just 1 investigator, Jose Guzmán. Roberto couldn't come because he was at his mom's house, she still isnt doing too good after the death of her husband. It is understandable, and he also told us that he wont be missing anymore church from here on out. 

But yeah, this week wasnt that exciting. One thing that I have been doing as part of my personal study has been reading the Book of Mormon and marking every single time it mentions Jesus Christ or God the Father, and it is pretty amazing. From the title page to the end of 1st Nephi, I found 450 references. How incredible is that?? Now, there are some that doubt that the book's origen is true, and that is fine. We tell them to read the book and to pray about it! But if someone tells me that its not something Christian or something that talks about what the bible talks about, they havent touched the book because its incredible. As long as the people read it, theyll see. 

I hope all is well and thank you for all the prayers and support!!

Elder Dallin Blake Murphy

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