Saturday, November 29, 2014

¡Maravillas Maravillosas!- November 26, 2014

Wow, what a week! Every week we are doing activities as a ward to prepare for christmas, and a tradition here in Santiago is Ginger Tea, or something like that, which is made by boiling ginger, lemon grass (I think its called that) and adding sugar to make it taste good. It is a really good experience and an awesome experience for investigators!! We had Denny and his kids come, and Ignacio and Yani (an awesome AWESOME family that are really progressing a lot, and it was a big step to come to church, even though it was only a little activity), and Roberto and Papito came as well!! It was a cool thing and we really are trying to do all we can to get people excited about the gospel and feel comfortable enough to take steps like go to church and such. The kids love it, and the adults love the Ginger Tea, so we are all happy!!

This week no one came to church, (just one less active that is almost coming every week now!) which was a little bit hard, but we went by the houses of those that we expected to come and we found out why, they were sick or busy and stuff. But its ok!! Sunday passed and now we are going to do work for this next week!

On Monday, Nene called me and said "Hey! Murphy! Me voy! Voy para la capital, y mañana temprano voy para la CCM en Guatemala!" (hey, murphy I am leaving! I am going to the capital, then early tomorrow I am going to the MTC in Guatemala!!) And I was just out of words! Maybe I haven't had the most baptisms or the best numbers in the mission, but I know that I have worked as hard as I can and now I can see that I could AT LEAST help out Nene so that he would go on the mission. With Elder Cannon, he was super reluctant and didnt want to go AT ALL! But now he is out there, Elder Sosa, and I am super proud of him. He will be awesome and will help a lot of people. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY!! Wow, Tommy is finishing out his twenties!! YOU ROCK MAN!! I remember the first time that we met, I thought to my self "Wow, that guy is buff" HAHAHA i am serious but then we played ping pong and I feel like I rocked him! I dont really remember but we just played and that was cool. Since then I have looked up to him as a great example of Charity, the pure love of Christ. I felt like he just wanted to play ping pong with me! And he just wanted to get to know me, and who would have known! He is now my brother in law!! Youre super funny man and just a sincere, loving, powerful priesthood holder that I am so thankful to have in the family. Also, youre DANES DAD!!

Love you all!! I hope that Thanksgiving goes well and you enjoy everything and all the food. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

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