Saturday, November 1, 2014

Viva la Vida!!- October 29, 2014

Wow, its been a pretty great week. Not the best sunday ever (zero investigators and 1 unexpected less active young woman came, so it was a little bit sad) but it was still a good week. Today I was able to play basketball with some of the zone, and I am getting a little bit better, which is good news!

Emmanuel Blanco is the 17 year old kid that is really excited to do all of this stuff. We had been sharing a lot with him, but at times I felt like he wasn't really getting all of the importance of it. Until we talked about the Gospel of Christ! Then we were able to explain a little bit about faith, repentance, baptism and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. He was really understanding more and more and he said that he is going to begin to pray and read more to know what he needs to do. One thing that helped him is when we explained to need of repentance BEFORE baptism, and he realized that a lot of times it isn't required in different parts of the world in some churches. But he believes and is working hard. 

Nelly and Peralta are looking a little bit FLOJO, or wishy washy, but we need to talk with them to see exactly what is going on. 

The other people are coming along slowly!! SLOWLY BUT SURELYYY!!!

But we are all working hard here! Today I had a good conversation with Elder Santacruz from Arizona, and I was able to realize, while I talked, a few of my desires as a missionary. Sometimes it is so hard to be so UNpowerful (I'm not sure than is the right word) in the mission, because we cannot really force them to see the truth. We are the preachers and the Spirit is the teacher. Even though we have the purest desires in the world, we cannot make anyone accept it. Christ even went to cities and couldn't heal people because of the lack of faith. I want to help so many people but there are only a select few that will accept what I have RIGHT NOW. God helpes them  and we just pick the fruits. 

God is great and Christ is His son and our Savior and helps us ONLY IF WE TAKE HIS YOKE UPON US!!


Elder Dallin Murphy

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