Friday, December 19, 2014

Casi la Navidad!!- December 17, 2014

Hey! Well everything is good with my new companion and the new zone this transfer. While it is interesting trying to help missionaries that sometimes dont want help, it is a good learning experience. My new companion is Elder Mendez, a dominican from Baraona, and  he is really cool. He plays baseball and suspended his career to come on the mission!! He is really a good example. We are trying to work a lot more efficiently. I am really excited to always be working hard and loving life!!
So yesterday we had our Christmas zone conference, and that was really good. I liked that a lot. President Douglas talked about a really important topic, which is "Becoming Peter", talking about the apostle of Christ. When you think about it, Peter was a really great man with great intentions before the resurrection of christ, but when he became the GREAT APOSTLE was after. He matured and  began to comprehend the reality and the importance of his calling. HE MAGNIFIED IT. A lot of times as missionaries and as members  of the church we just do stuff and obey, but at the most important moments we sink in the water or deny that we even know christ. But when we begin to mature spiritually is when we BECOME WHO WE CAN REALLY BE. 

The mission is great. I hope that all can have a great Christmas and really do all that they can to help someone else have the joy and feel God´s love. CHRIST IS THE GIFT!! √ČL ES LA DADIVA!! I love the work and I am really excited. 


Elder Dallin Murphy

1. All of the living companions of Elder Villanueva! Elder De la Cruz, Elder Murphy, Elder Mendez, and Elder Herrera!

2. Cleaning my shoes!

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