Friday, December 26, 2014

FELIZ NAVIDAD!- December 24, 2014

Hey MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! We are having a great time here. I just love walking around and saying SALUDOS!! Then they sometimes arent too excited and just wave or something, then I say FELIZ NAVIDAD!! Then almost all of them just cant resist and smile and say GRACIAS!! IGUAL!! HAHA it is so fun. Dominicans are usually stressed at this time since tonight is the biggest dinner of the year, and a lot of people spend more money than they can for Christmas. It was really cool going around and sharing the HE IS THE GIFT video with people and yesterday we went and sang and shared christmas messages to like 12 houses. IT WAS SO FUN! I dont know, I felt like it just made my feet lighter and I was flying all over the place yesterday, with Elder Mendez, Elder Herrera and Elder Coombs.
A lot of times we just think about the birth of Christ and not as much of what that really means! Its not just that he was born in a manger in a little farmer's shack (my english vocab is really getting kind of bad), or stable, but it was the beginning to his earthly ministry! The Word, the First Born of the Father, the great Jehovah took upon himself a physical, imperfect body to complete the prophesies! He was going to bring back the kingdom of God that had been lost for more than 500 years since the end of the Old Testament, he was going to take upon himself all the sins of the world, and was going to die for us. He was going to teach the gospel, teach by example and serve the people. He was going to be hated, spit upon and crucified for his sheep, and THAT IS THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS!! Through Him we can be saved!! If he wouldnt have been born, he wouldnt have done any of these things, and we would be lost for time and all eternity!! BUT WE CELEBRATE THE BEGINNING TO THE MOST IMPORTANT LIFE THAT HAS BEEN LIVED!! That is Christmas. We can live again with our Padre Celestial PARA SIEMPRE EN UN ESTADO DE INTERMINABLE FELICIDAD! We just need to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love you all. The investigators are ok, we are finding a few more and we are having to leave a few. But, we are just trying to help them recieve the blessings that the Lord wants to give them. Ignacio and Yani are super excited, Roberto, and a few more. Life is good. The zone needs help and we are doing all we can to help these 22 missionaries that we have been assigned to help!!
HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am coming upon 6 months left... I just need to turn it up because this is the best and funnest chance i have to serve the Lord. Its the best time of my life.
Elder Dallin Murphy
P.S.   WE FOUND EGGNOG!  So expensive but SO GOOD.
Picture:   The other big dominican christmas tree!! With my companion and Elder Coombs!

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