Thursday, December 11, 2014

Not much time!- December 10, 2014

This week 2 times we went to help a member in one of the branches here in the zone to fix his house. In that neighborhood,  9 houses burned down because the electical wires blew up so the houses burned down. It was really hard to see it, but I loved seeing how the people just got together to help and how God at least protected his whole family. 

Elder Mendez (squatting with the shovels in the picture) is my new companion and he is awesome and i will talk more about him later!!
This week was pretty good. We have been working a lot with He is the Gift and we have pass along cards that we are giving to a lot of people. It is a really good way of helping people understand WHY we  celebrate LA NAVIDAD. Here it is a time to spend money, party, and get together with the family. It is a lot like the United States, but being a missionary, one sees it a little bit more. 

We brought 2 kids, 9 and 8 years old, to church, since the rest of the family couldnt go. It was really fun being with them and they said that they didnt want to ever miss another sunday! Their names are really dominicanized and hard to say, and a lot of the times i forget, but its like Wimely and (they call him) Tito. 

BUT I AM SO SORRY i am going to have to stop there, theres not much time. This is the christmas time and it is really a great time of the year. I would be missing the family a lot if I were not here, because I LOVE THE MISSION. I have given 2 years of my life to the Lord and I need to think of a good gift to give him this year. I hope that you all can think of what gift the Lord wants from each one of you!!

Love you all, see you soon!!

Elder Murphy

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