Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Consecration- January 28, 2015

Wow, its a pretty great blessing to be a missionary. We have been seeing a great progress in Roberto, Gabriela, and Edwin. 

Roberto was only coming to the 1st hour of church and we talked pretty directly about how to be a member of the church, you've got to go to all 3. He is pretty excited. He is getting all the papers together to get married before February 21st so that he can get completely ready for his baptism. He came to church and was going to stay, but then they had been calling him for a while to go help a really sick woman to get better. It was good that he went because the next day she passed away, and he said that he was able to help. It was hard, but he is doing well. 

Gabriela is awesome. She went to church on Sunday again for 3 hours and got out her notebook and scriptures for the Gospel Principles class. We went on Monday night and I was with another companion and she was a little worried since she thought that Elder Mendez had been transferred, but Elder Castillo, that was with me on the exchange, and I did well. We went as well with Alberto Lugo, the 1st counselor in the bishopric, and she said that if we keep going to visit her with him, he would probably convince her. She said that he was explaining things really well, and seems like we will have to keep going with him as well! She said "Neither of you can get transferred before February 28th!!" but we will see because February 25th is the transfer day. 

Edwin is just 15 years old but really has a way of understanding these things that we teach him. He couldn't go to church because he went to Puerto Plata this weekend, but we taught him about part of the plan of Salvation yesterday and he was even teaching us a few things!! Like "it was important for us to go through the veil of forgetfulness because God has given us talents and for us to be able to find these talents and develop them, we needed to search. but if we knew, it'd be too easy." He is so cool!!

Elder Mendez is great. He is from Barahona, which is in the Santo Domingo West mission, and he rocks. He really has a lot of faith and is really smart. He loves the gospel and he is a really consecrated servant of the Lord. Both of us are here to work and only to work. Just to teach and help people to receive blessings!! I love this guy, and he has helped me a lot with a lot of things. he is 6-4 or 6-3ish, but if he is 6-4 as he says, i am growing because i don't feel like he is as big as dad!

Thanks for all you do. God just wants us to give all to him so that he can take charge of what we have. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!! Thanks for everything!!


Elder Dallin Murphy


PSS Also Congrats to Isaac Myres and Zack Rusick on your calls!!! YOULL LOVE IT!! When are they going??

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