Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A Solid Week- February 4, 2015

Sometimes being assigned as a leader is kind of stressful, like this week, but everything turned out great. When the missionaries need your help, they go look for you, but when they dont want your help EVEN IF THEY NEED IT, they don't accept anything. A few missionaries this week have needed our help with things and we were afraid of the worst that could happen, but it's all good. Everything here in la Zona Bella Vista is all going well. 

So this weekend we had a Carribean Area conference which was AWESOME, and it was a great opportunity to restrengthen the testimony of how inspired the leaders of this church are. Elder Wilford Anderson, Sister Oscarson, Elder Jeffery R Holland and President Boyd K Packer all spoke, along with Presidente Bueno of the Santiago Sur Stake here before they began the broadcast. It was a really eye opener, and I loved a few things that President Bueno said to the stake. He said that if in our homes we want to begin a gospel based culture in the home, we need to keep the Sabbath day holy. If we don't, we can begin a church based culture, but that is completely different. It is a little bit sad to see the misunderstanding of a few commandments, but I am sure that the more that we keep the commandments, we will be blessed and God will make us prosper. Also, he said that if we do not arrive to church on time, it will be very difficult for us to feel a sincere spirit of revelation and adoration during the Sacrament. He is a really great man, like 32 or 35 years old, and he is helping a lot here in Santiago. 

But, we didn't have any investigators or any less actives there! It was a little sad but that is OK. Edwin said he didnt know if he felt really all that comfortable going without knowing people, and Gabriela's husbands little car was getting fixed in the perfect time where they needed to go. Roberto was going to go, and just never showed up! We are not too sure what was happening but my companion went by on Monday on an exchange and Roberto explained to him. 

I am trying my best to get an organized file of all my studies and my knowledge and stuff like that. Here on the mission it has been really really difficult to keep up a Study Journal. BUT we will see what happens, I got a binder and i am going to try and organize what I study and stuff like that. I think that it would be even better with an iPhone, iPad, or a computer, but I will have to use what I can for now. 

I HOPE THAT YOU ALL ARE READING YOUR SCRIPTURES!! Sometimes we say that we dont have time but, come on, it says that in them is ETERNAL LIFE!! Do we not want that? Is that 2nd or 3rd on our priority list?? To receive the eternal life we have got to get to know God and His Son, and how can we know them if we don't go out to read the very books that they inspired to be written ABOUT THEM?? We have got to read. Bethany!! Especially you. 

Love you all!! I hope that you can all keep working hard and doing the right thing. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

Picture:  Teaching Javi from La Yaguita his english!! 

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