Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Animados- February 11, 2015

We are pretty excited here in Bella Vista. We have had an interesting week with a few problems in companionships in our zone, but all of that has been resolved and we are hoping to finish the transfer well. We were excited with Edwin Reyes and his baptism, but we were thinking about postponing it for the 28th. But on Saturday we had a lesson with him where we watched the video of the conversion of Wilford Woodruff, and he said that the 21st was his day. So we were pretty convinced, then in Sacrament Meeting he got up and shared his testimony about how he feels like his life has completely changed. He said that he always wanted to be an example in his life and now he has realized that the "Mormons" that arrived to his door have brought him what he has always needed. So, it looks like we will have a baptism on February 21st!

In sacrament meeting, I was able to share my testimony as well. (Dad challenged me to do it every fast sunday of my mission, and I am good so far) I had studied about Christs trip through Samaria where he goes and is by the well and he asks the woman for water. And he also talks about the water that HE could give HER. It is really interesting how James E Talmage talks about it in Jesus the Christ, and I also put my own twist on it. I feel like a lot of times as members of the church and as human beings we see something who is hungry or thirsty and we are not afraid to go help them. Someone gets hit by a car and the whole world goes and helps them. They dont have anything to feed their children, the whole world gives them food. That is not a bad thing, it is really a great thing. But I have learned that we can compare that to the example of where if we give a man a fish, we feed him for a day and if we teach him to fish we feed him for a life time. We give fish all the time to help them out and to comfort them. But that is a really temporary feeling, and something that doesnt last. When people need the LIVING WATERS and the BREAD OF LIFE, or the fruit of the tree of life in them, we get embarrassed or we get scared. We say that maybe another time we will talk about the blessing that we have recieved and invite them to enjoy the same happiness that we have. But that is what we need more than anything. Satan really wants us to give that out a lot less than food or water. We need to help others, but one thing is that TRUE CHARITY is shown when we give them what is most important to us and what we know that they need more than anything. 

The Gospel is true. God lives and He wants us to be happy. The one and only way to have an everlasting happiness is through His gospel. Thats why he gave it to us. Lets share it with everything else!! Then and only then will they and we be truly happy. 

I love the mission! I am so happy. Thanks for everything!!


Elder Murphy

1. We helped a family start their house and we had to transport cinderblocks. and help them mix cement and stuff. It was great!

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