Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Elder Moses!!- April 15, 2015

Elder Moses is great. He knows a lot of spanish! Seeing that his mom is Mexican, he has a background with the language. But he still has to learn some things! But he didnt go to Bingham, he went to Copper Hills. But he really is so excited and has great strength when he teaches. You can see it in his eyes, the desire is there. Hopefully I can help him enough to be able to form him into a great missionary and servant of the Lord. 

Man! We are just being very blessed. There are a lot of less actives that just Need to be helped a little bit more and this branch will be a lot better in no time! I feel great seeing people progress. One, who isnamed Papi Payano, or we call him that. He has gone to church 4 weeks in a row and just loves it! He used to be a strong leader in the church, and we just hope that soon he will have a calling. President Roso, the branch president said that he would take care of that soon. Others like Franndy, Junior, Reynaldo and others are on the way. A lot of them are young single adults, and just need a little push to get excited. 

I have been reading A LOT of heleman, and I love in chapter 3 where he says that we can LAY HAND UPON THE WORD or something like that. I love how it focuses on the importance of reading and HOW we can be carried by the Word to be on the right hand of God. That is why Satan works so hard so that we do not read the scriptures! It is just incredible how God allows us to have these tools... we just need to take advantage. 

Sorry, this letter isnt that long, the keyboard kind of stinks. LOVE YOU ALL!! The Gospel is true, and this is the Lord's work. GOD IS GREAT. 


Elder Murphy

1. TODAY we went to clean a peluqueria or barber shop and it was pretty fun doing the dominican style cleaning. 

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  1. My son is on a mission in Japan right now and I love reading missionaries letters and seeing their photos. They're such a special group of young people! It sounds like your son has had a wonderful mission and is almost done! So close to getting your hug.