Thursday, April 2, 2015

I am going to have another son!- April 1, 2015

I was called on Monday night by our Mission President and he asked me if I would be willing to train again! I am so willing! I am going to have another "son" as they say in the mission, and it will be in this next week! Just like Camille and Alyse ARE STILL WAITING to have their sweet children, maybe we will all get ours on the same day! But I am really happy. Elder Bartholomew is great, and it is a bummer that I will not be able to work much more with him, but the Lord has big expectations for him and more assignments for him to grow and become a great servant of the Lord.
This week was great! We had 9 less actives in church! WOW the Lord is just doing His thing and I love seeing how He is helping us so much. This is a pick me up that we have really needed for Conani, and we are seeing great progress. Payano, Reynaldo, and others continue to show their faith! We had a less active named Junior, who is like 22, come and after church the Branch President went and told him and Payano to go and visit a few less actives that didnt show up to church! AND THEY WENT. How great is that? That is just amazing. The Lord has these people that just need a little bit of an emotional push and then He keeps helping them out.
There is a family, Ricardo and Fior, that is really excited as well. Ricardo Moya is a return missionary, but he is not married to Fior. She is really great and REALLY wants to get baptized, and he is just waiting for someone to pay him back in this week or the next in order to get married and for her to get baptized! They come to church every week and shes just waiting little by little to do this.
The Lord is great. I have been reading a lot of the Teachings of the Prophet Ezra Taft Benson, and he said something really important. He said that there are 4 keys to the missionary work. 1. Always seek the guide of the Spirit. 2. Be Humble. 3. LOVE EVERYONE. and 4. WORK HARD! I love it! it is too true. With those 4 things, all will go well. I love this work and I love all that happens in this work. The Church is true and the Lord is helping us edify his kingdom.
Love you all!
Elder Dallin Murphy
1. I said goodbye to Elder Herrera. He goes home next week and he came to La Vega to say goodbye to some people. He is so cool!

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