Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventure is out there!- April 22, 2015

Wow! What a change to the stake back home. I am really excited for that new stake presidency, I am sure they will be great. Until coming on the mission and getting to know the rolesof these people did I realize HOW big their responsibility is and how much they are needed. 

Also, Wow! Cora Faye Giullian! What a great name for my new favorite niece. There is nothing better than that, seeing that the Lord is allowing great families to take care of his precious children. I am really thankful for families here in the mission. I was able to give a few trainings this week in the district meeting about HOW we can build up the kingdom of God! And, according to Paul, it is through the perfecting of the saints. We need to build up this kingdom, and the best way to do it is that. And the Lord has revealed unto us 2 ways that that is done in HIS plan. First, through the families. they are the best place in the whole entire world that we can teach the principles and doctrines of this Gospel! It is the most impacting teaching because everything starts in the HOME. Second, is through the leaders of the church. Through the organization of this great and marvelous church. Prophets, apostles, bishops, seventy, teachers, and everything else in between has been given to us to perfect HIS saints! We, as missionaries, must concentrate on that. FAMILIES AND LEADERS. That is what we need to find. Families to help and leaders that can help us. In that, we will be able to make this work go so much faster. Satan is also accelerating his work!! We need to keep ourselves way in front of him. 
We had district conference this weekend and it was a great experience. I loved what Sister Douglas talked about. She spoke about being the Lords hands. With that, we are able to do what he used to do! That is the promise we make to Him as disciples. We need to do what he did, act how he did, and love people how he loves them. 

This is so awesome. I love this work and I am happy to be here in La Vega. IT HAS BEEN REALLY HOT LATELY and its not too fun with that, but that is just the work that must be done. 

Love you all, and I hope that you all keep feasting upon the words of Christ. 

Elder Dallin Murphy

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