Friday, August 23, 2013

Almost to the field!- August 23, 2013

Not much happened at all this week... I am loving it here but I am more stoked than one could imagine to get out of here and get into the DR. While it is always fun to be able to hang out with only missionaries for 6 straight weeks, but sometimes good things need to end. Actually, on Saturday, I started getting super super sick. My throat started hurting, and my head felt like it was going to explode. I have a big head, but I felt like it was 10 pounds heavier and I decided to go to the front desk. They sent me to urgent care, because the clinic here is only open Mon-Fri, and I spent a good 3 hours out of class. They did all these tests on me, then gave me 3 Ibuprofen! Then I started feeling a little bit better. That night I slept better than I ever have, but I still have felt a little bit under the weather over the whole week. But hey, I'm alive and I look good and that's all that matters! haha just kidding, but really I am fine. Thanks for checking up on me mom!
That was an awesome thing that Dad and his siblings did for Grandma and Grandpa Murphy, I can only imagine that beaming smile from Grandpa and Grandma when they saw them sitting there in Tucano's. Tucano's will always have a special place in my heart since it was the last dinner I had with G&G Murphy before I came out here. Good people, good food, GREAT jokes from Grandpa, what could get any better? Sounds like heaven on earth.

Today I got to go through the temple, and it was miraculous once again. I sat for a little while and read in the Bible, John 19 and then Isaiah 53. John 19 is about the events that occured after Christ is convicted by Pilate. It pains me time and time again reading about the scorn that Christ went through, physically and emotionally, by the people that lived in Jerusalem back then. I wish Pilate was more sympathetic and followed his heart instead of his fear, but I blame the Pharisees and Sadducees for his conviction. In Isaiah 53 it talks about how he is despised and rejected of men, then bears our sorrows, griefs and pains so that we are healed in his stripes. I mean really? Do the people who time and time again reject him and mock him deserve that? NO. But we have it to our disposal and we cannot take that for granted. It is an infinite atonement, and everyone can take part in it if we are prove ourselves through our faith, works, commitment, and desire. All four of those things are the same when you get down to it. 

I'm excited to share the gospel to the Dominicans down there in a couple of days. It will be hard, no doubt in my mind, but VALE LA PENA. (It will be worth it) that is my favorite phrase since It is always about Enduring to the End in life. Matthew 10:22. 2 Nephi 31:19-20. Ether 15:34

Hay muchas cosas que yo necesito aprender pero nunca he sido más animado para algo.

I dont think that was even a real sentence but I dig it.

Gracias por todos, vida es dificil pero vale la pena. 

Love you all, 


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