Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally here in the DR- August 29, 2013

Hello! I´m here! And it is way hotter than anyone could have described it. Well, it isn´t that hot, but the humidity is killer and I have a constant sweat going on. Not much happened in my last little while in the MTC. It was sad to say goodbye to all the friends I had made, but it had to be done unless they really wanted to go to the DR because I was no way going to spend more time there than I needed to.

It was awesome to be able to call from the airport on Monday and talk with the fam, it sounds like not much has changed. Alyse still LOVES to talk about Dane and Bethany really only can build her sentences around movie quotes. Just kidding, but it really was super awesome. The family I have is best, and I am also so happy that I finally have some pictures to show people what my family looks like. Being the best looking family out there, I feel that it is necessary to show off our looks.

So I arrived on Monday night and got off the plane to see 5 men in white shirts with black plaques waiting for us outside. It was President Douglas, and 4 office missionaries. President Douglas is awesome. I got to talk to him for a good while, and he really is great. He is a soft spoken man, but really is straight forward about things. I got to spend 2 nights there then we were all supposed to leave early wednesday morning for our respective areas. My trainer is Elder Cannon, a great missionary from Pleasant Grove, who has me as his last companion since after he trains me he will go home. But he had to help drive around on wednesday all the new missionaries so I stayed at the mission home and hung out until like 7 pm. It was nice to sit in AC for the majority of the day, but at the same time I wanted to leave.

We got to the house about 9pm, and since it is a brand new apartment, we had to build the apartment. Everything from the refridgerator to the beds were all still in boxes, and there was dust all over the floor. We cleaned and set stuff up until around 11:30 until we decided it was time to sleep and were in bed at 12. We were about to get in bed, I had just about set up my fan, when the power shut off. NOOOO it was so sad. I was so ready for a fan but then I just got in bed. At some point in the night I felt the fan come on and it felt SO GOOD. But I decided that this was going to be a fun 2 years with that electricity. And dad, I still wrote in my journal. and mom, thanks for the flashlight!

We cleaned some more this morning, ate, then now we are here. Our p-day is actually wednesdays, but we had no time for internet yesterday so the Assistants to the Presidents decided it would be ok to email today. Thank Goodness!

One cool thing was when I went out to place a Libro de Mormón on my 2nd day here with an Elder Florentino from La Vega (about 20 minutes from Santiago, he had some health problems so he stayed in his home mission). We began talking to a man on his patio about things, and I couldn´t understand most things he was saying since he talked SO FAST. I could tell, however, he wanted to Bible-bash. I knew it was important not to, so I did all I could to keep my cool. After a few minutes, I realized that I didnt even want to bash. At home, I often would, but here I didnt really want to and I knew that it was the Spirit working in me. I know that bashing gets no where and I really want to be able to keep my cool while i´m here because that is the way that people will be willing to talk if youre non-hostile.

More on Elder Cannon: He worked for 9 months in the office. We are in an area in which there were not elders here for a long time, so that means that there are no records for us to have. There have been sisters but we haven´t talked to them much. Hopefully there are some people that want to talk, but if not we´re just going to knock doors! YEAH!! or actually walk up and say ´buenos dias´because thats what people do here. He has 6 kids in his fam as well, with 3 boys and 3 girls. I´m really excited to work with him. He came out of high school and left in october of 2011.

I love you all, and I cannot wait to hear from you.
The mailing is a little bit whack. There are 2 different ways:
1. Send it to a private company in Miami. They will take longer, but are safer. For letters it is just like sending to someone in the states, but for packages it is pretty expensive but you can track them over the internet to make sure they werent lost. that address is:

8368 NW 66 Street
Miami, FL 33166

2. Sending it straight to the mission office. YOu can do Fedex, DHL, or USPS to send it. It is faster, but less reliable. and it is cheaper. I will pay for packages with my debit card, but it isnt too much. it is like 3 dollars for up to 10 pounds haha

Avenida Estrella Sadhala (number sign)10
2o piso Enfrente de Univ. UTESA
Santiago, Dominican Republic
Pick your favorite one, but I want to hear from everyone! Love you all, keep reading your scriptures and working hard, the Lord blesses the humble and the focused.


Dallin Murphy

P.s. I cant figure out how to send pictures yet

p.s.s. Way to beast it up in vball bethany!

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