Friday, August 16, 2013

Love at home- August 16, 2013

Today was my first time getting to go to the temple while I was at the MTC! It was really great. The most amazing thing is the fact that I was praying that I would be able to feel my family's and friends' presence and love for  me while I was in there. I was about to leave, and as I was sitting there I seriously never felt so at home being gone for so long. I have 10 days left here in the MTC and I have been gone for a month, but today I was able to see that I can feel your love when I really need to if I am at the temple. I have felt your love this whole time, don't get me wrong, but I really just needed a little bit of a pick me up. I thought of the rendition of "Love at Home" that Cole played at my farewell. I was a little homesick then I got over it and realized that I can see you guys soon enough. But I love it here. 

Guess who got to sit 5th row while one of the 12 apostles spoke in the first live broadcast to all the MTC's around the world! Your main missionary! I sat there and I saw the setup was a little bit different so I suspected something big. Sitting next to Elder Jones, we guessed who it could have been, and BAM Richard G. Scott walked in. You could feel his presence as he stepped onto the floor that BYU usually plays on for their home basketball games. He stood up with his 5'4" (or he looked that short) frame to speak to us and talked about how prayer is a golden opportunity and a sacred privilege we have to speak with the Almighty, Perfect Father of Heaven that we have. One thing that he said that I loved was that sometimes answers to prayer are left as "small messages along the way". I immediately thought of my time when deciding to go serve a mission and how I was looking for the answer to come all at once, but instead I received little nudges along the way as I looked for when to serve my 2 years as a missionary. Remember that conversation we had mom? I just had the feeling that all the things I had studied and seen were sending me in this direction. I cannot imagine doing it any other way, I am so happy this is the direction I went. He also said that maybe answers had already been given. I really liked that because all too often I looked for an answer to a question when I already know what I am supposed to do or what is right.

AUSTIN GOT TO MEET DANE?!?! NO FAIR! I want to see him now. Can you have a Statistics conference, Tommy, in the DR? On baseball statistics and stuff? I miss that little boy already. But Austin seems so happy and I am so glad he had the opportunity to meet him because Dane is the most perfect thing! Cafe Charlie seemed good too, that is perfect for our hometown boy headed for Lyon, France, Charlie Bollard!

Mom, I like your Book of Mormon goal! Do it until I get home! That is what I am doing every day, the MTC president says that we should spend 30 minutes AT LEAST in the Book of Mormon each day, but I am going to spend at least that and more in the Book of Mormon and New Testement especially. Jesus Christ never really stops teaching us, so I am really glad we have the scriptures to study daily. And once I finish, I just need to start over! My goal is to obtain the best of the Christlike Attributes. Faith, Hope, Charity, Love, Humility, Obedience, and Diligence. If I can refine myself with all that to the best of my ability, then I will be set. But that is a lofty goal that takes consistent focus that I am going to try and remind myself all the time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMORROW MOM! I love you so much! I really can't describe how awesome you are as a mom. What I love about you is that you put in your whole life into making me the best disciple of Christ possible, then put some more into it too. On a scale of 1-10, you don't have a rating. You are the scale. Keep it up Madre! Te amo con todo mi coraz√≥n. 

Bethany, keep working hard in volleyball! Since you and Liam had a connection at the concert, I think that the distraction of being a superstar will be high. But just like with the tempations of the devil, you have got to focus on your true purpose. (I hope you know what zoolander quote I was about to put there). I miss those conversations too much, no one here is as funny as I am! just kidding, but really it is pretty sad to not have anyone that will know my batman quotes or zoolander quotes the way that you do.

Cole, keep it up. Write me! I think I'm supposed to write you... but you write me then I'll respond. 

Dad, thanks for the letters and I will respond asap!

It was a rather boring week, but I learned a lot and am excited to get out to the DR in 10 DAYS WOOOOOO!

Live Long and Prosper!

Elder Dallin Murphy

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