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Email #2/104- August 2, 2013

Dearest Diary,
It is awesome to hear from you all. Although I am loving it up here, it is kind of sad thinking I will not be able to see all of your beautiful faces for a while. But, luckily, I got a little taste of home when Elder Riley Jones was moved into our district/room from the beginner class. He had his farewell in the RSM stake at the same time as mine, so our couple of mutual friends had to choose between our talks. Some chose correctly, some didnt! Haha just kidding, he is a great guy. He played for Tesoro volleyball and I knew of him and he knew of me, but now we are homies and I'm so glad he got moved in on Friday.
Also, last week Elder Parker Gentry (President Rassmussen's nephew who played vball for San Juan Hills) was put into our zone, and I became pretty good friends with him too. But he left Tuesday morning for the Madrid MTC since he got his visa. The other members of my district are Elder Warnes from Bountiful, Utah, Elder Rincon, Elder King from the old district, Elder Jones, and then 3 sisters. Our teachers are awesome! Hermano Johnston is a super funny guy who went to Guatemala on his mission and Hermano Basuth went to Chile. They are super awesome. They act as investigators for us, and for Elder Rincon and I, Hermano Johnston is Pedro Queji├║ and Hermano Basuth is Franco.
One cool experience was when Elder Rincon and I were trying to prepare for a lesson, we could not get anything done. We weren't agreeing on anything and we needed help. Elder Jones said we should go say a prayer to begin our study, and we agreed so we went to an empty room and sat there and I said a prayer. It was the first english prayer I'd given in two weeks, which was a little refreshing, and it was like 5 minutes. After that, we both just sat there and thought about what would be best to teach our investigator. I was flipping through my scriptures when I came across a scripture about the priesthood as described by Paul, and I said that we should talk about the priesthood. Turns out, that he had written the same thing down on his sheet of paper. The Spirit testifies to us at all times, in our mind and in our heart (D&C 8:2-3).
Our Branch President is President Tyler, a great old guy who is a real scholar of the scriptures. Turns out he is from Long Beach, and he said something like his sister or son or something married a Dougherty out there. I'll have to ask Bishop Dougherty about that, because he really rocks. He has a certain spirit about him and really is able to testify and use the scriputres easily. He has a bunch memorized. Hopefully, through my study of the scriptures I can have a kid email home about how good I am with my scriputres.
Umm let's see, I am not sure what else happened this week. Out here, it is kind of all a blur. We do the same thing all day every day. I have gained like 3 pounds but that doesn't count for anything. I wish I could recieve Austin's emails, so hopefully he emails me because I emailed him. What an espuma haha just kidding but the guy that hosted me the first day is going to Montreal so I told him all that I knew about it.
My spanish is coming along pretty well. I felt like for a couple days I hit a little bit of a plateau and wasn't progressing at all, but after a while I saw myself improving. Mrs. Kirkpatrick and Ms. Heck helped. I didn't realize this but the teachers at Northwood are actually pretty good compared to other schools. I'm starting to realize when to use Subjunctive in my speech and I am loving it. I really believe that God is helping me a lot because I am becoming more and more comfortable with my spanish and doctrinal knowledge.
Bethany, how is volleyball? Are you going to be on varsity?? Ron needs all the help he can get. Especially Wonder Woman herself. How are the boys?
Cole, keep working hard. Tell me about how your life is going and how many pushups you can do! HAHA!
I liked the boxes of Food that I got, and the letters inside. Cole's letter was so sincere and thoughtful and made my heart melt a little bit. Cole, you're quite the wonder kid. Then theres Bethany. haha just kidding, bethany your letter made me laugh so hard. I miss you two so much, the Big 3 will reunite again. Dad thanks for sending my Line of Authority thing, and your letters are always splendid. Mom, I sent you a letter today but you are the greatest of all time! Alyse your food was great even if it was all on sale, I was suprised you could get so much food for 23 dollars!
Yeah this week was a little boring. Oh yeah during Gym Time we played volleyball and since we had Elder Jones, Elder Gentry and I and a few other guys, it was actually legit. Jungle ball was getting old, so it was a lot of fun being able to play real volleyball. These hands still distribute butter like no other, they call me the milkman down here.
In my scripture reading this week I have been reading the Book of Mormon, and reading about when Nephi quotes Isaiah. I loved it when it talked about how bad and wicked the world would become, but it also talks about how Satan wouldn't win. He never does! Jokes on him haha! XD God always has a Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, all the way to Plan Infinity so that his work will continue, no matter who falls away or what people do. God will always win. He's the best! His grace is sufficient for all men, but we have got to work hard as well.
We listened to a talk by Elder Jeffery R Holland on sunday from a while ago called "Missions are Forever". It talked about how missions arent meant to be easy, but theyre real life. he said "You don't get off the mission and go back to real life... THIS IS REAL LIFE!". It was so legit, I was so happy when I heard it. He said that the reason that our missions are so hard is because in order to be here for Jesus Christ we must go through a little bit of what he did in Gethsemane and on the Cross. It isn't easy for us because it was never easy for him.
Friends and family, keep working hard. Life is a lot easier when you're following the commandments of God. Just remember that and you'll be SET! No matter what we go through, it will be worth it if we are saved in the Kingdom of God.
Have a good week
Dallin Blake Murphy
p.s. people start sending me more letters. like people that havent! and I'll send pics later today but I forgot my camera 
 With Elder Jones and Elder Gentry.
Sister Izu at devotional!

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